Production Crews

We are a full service production house servicing productions in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and Las Vegas. The services we provide include.

·         Directing – Our team of experts will look at your production book, work with you and direct a high quality project.

·         Cinematographers – Our specialists in lights and camera.

·         Casting  – Our casting Directors have years of experience in finding the perfect Talent for your role.

·         Line producing – The rough on tumble world of paperwork and logistics. Our experts have been doing this for some time and have turned it into a science.

·         Gaffing – the art of Painting with lights, and they are true artists.

·         Grip – These are the backbone of any production.

·         Sound  – Our team of experts know how to make your project sound great.

·         Editing – Our team of experts will take your project and make it tell the story you want to tell.

·         Budget Specialist – Our number crunching experts will look at your project, figure out your budget and give you a clear example of financial responsibilities. They can also give you idea on how to cut costs legally.

·         Location Scouting – Our experts know our area and can help find you the perfect location. They also have a clear understanding of the permitting process and can help navigate you through the process of permits.

We are always looking for experts to join our team. If interested please contact us at and include Production in subject line.


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